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The main thing you need to do is make sure you have a static IP address for the Homebase. Included accessories. I tried two different routers in two different apartments and check the settings. Like Reply. Not Machine Specific. Für die Kommunikation zwischen Kamera und Smartphone-App ist eine Basisstation zuständig. I see the Ubiquiti response and I have the same Ubiquiti firewall at work, but this is a home setup and my home router doesn’t all low that level of firewall control. My wifi is working and the settings have not changed at all. Posting questions may not get immediate response. It’s not so much a short push…. With this being a wire-free camera, having an RTSP stream is a bit of an odd feature, 24/7 recording would trash the battery. Eufy Homebase 2 Network cable Power adapter Charging cable Magnetic fastening (3x) Screws (6x) Plugs (6x) Warning sticker Complete your purchase Eufy by Anker Eufycam 2 3-Pack. So my issue is resolved! Sorry for the poor quality, shaking and commentary. Questions & Answers. My EUFY Robovac has a problem which is entirely solvable and explained in this video. SETTING UP THE SYSTEM Download the App and Set up the System Download the Eufy Security app from the App Store (iOS devices) or Google Play (Android devices). 1 Like. It “sang” the normal “go” song started to back up as normal then redocked and flashed blue and gave me a two toned (a fifth) beep once. Die gibt es im Bundle mit zwei Kameras zu kaufen. Then it worked out of the box. Turning off the switch you'd normally use will cut power to the smart bulb or smart plug. $239.99. In der Garage hatte ich bisher eine Reolink Argus 2 (da ich dort keinen Stromanschluss habe), diese habe ich jetzt mal in den Keller umgezogen, werde sie aber verkaufen und im Keller noch ne Eufy 2c verbauen. I had an unreliable router/Wifi combo along with a Wifi extender and I was dropping Wifi constantly. My Ubiquiti USG issues a specific NTP service in the DHCP scope, when I removed this and reconnected the homebase the TLS was established – still blinking blue light but immediately discovered by the app which made it solid blue . Safe & Secure. Condition. manually entered the serial # and started the discovery process in the app and THEN held down the sync button once it was flashing and it picked right up. Wait one minute for the Lumos bulb to re-connect automatically. 77 sold ... New Listing eufy Homebase 2 (latest generation) FREE SHIPPING. Please make sure you have scanned the QR code on the bottom of HomeBase 2. Quantity. Mobile: Rebooted my phone couple of time, rebooted the app couple of time. I am using the iphone pin to open the SIM card slot. Über eine kostenlose App steuert der Nutzer sie ganz bequem. The eufy HomeBase has a dimension of 5(H) x 3.5 (L) x 3.5 (B) inches in white colour. Diese Basisstation ist natürlich im Starterset enthalten. 0. Ordered before 23:59? Plus, if that is really the issue then it’s a fundamental issue with the Eufy security system that they are going to have to address as that level of control is a) beyond the average home router. Funny. SHOP NOW Add-on … eufy. Once it started flashing red and blue, but i have no idea what that meant, so I unplugged it (eufy REALLY needs better documentation). As of yesterday there were no new updates for it. ndalby May 4, 2020, 6:16pm #2. The LED indicator turns blue (this may take up to 1min) when HomeBase 2 is ready for setup. In order to function, all smart bulb and smart plug products must have power. Eufy has been in dock station for several days. About this item. I recently added some eufy components to upgrade my antiquated cctv setup. If you bought some of the Eufy indoor cameras, you may already have a Homebase 2. I just received my Spark Core, tried to set it up, and ran into the continuous blinking green LED. Thank you Olli2 for helping! Sign up for a Eufy Security account, then follow the onscreen instructions to complete the setup. Camera + HomeBase Kit $229.99. I did contact Eufy help, and eventually they sent me a new device but the same issue. Records in Color Night & Day $199.99. The LED indicator turns blue (this may take up to 1min) when HomeBase 2 is ready for setup. Still no luck. Network switch. Zunächst muss man die Homebase per mitgeliefertem LAN-Kabel an den Router sowie an eine Steckdose stöpseln. LEARN ABOUT BATTERY 31572440. Seite 8: Notice NOTICE antenna. It comes with a status LED, Power port, USB port, Ethernet port, Sync/ Alarm button ON/OFF and reset button. The Eufy Cam E, Eufy Cam 2C and the Eufy Cam 2. 2. Please make sure your router has internet access. The 140° wide-angle lens provides a panoramic view, spanning from your driveway to the front door. Additionally, Best Buy is selling it with 50% off a Eufy accessory and next day shipping. You can get faster reply there. When someone rings the doorbell, people in the house will be notified. Today I bought an Arris Surfboard and an eero mesh network and I have a very strong reliable connection now. The LED indicator turns blue (this may take up to 1min) when But, Eufy has said that they will begin to sell the doorbell as a standalone unit starting sometime around Q2 of 2020. I had the same problem, but I had to push the sync button a little longer then expected. Show more like these. Order the Eufycam Duo Pack + Video Doorbell Battery at Coolblue. Homebase 2 is blinking with BLUE colour light. My Home Base 2 worked find for a month or two, then in the middle of the night entered the never ending “Follow the instructions in the Eufy security app to set up the system.”, I have tried everything here with no success. I got the Homebase 2 added and a camera to work! Eufy’s latest security system comes with three pieces: two outdoor cameras, and the HomeBase 2 hub. From a thread 3 days ago : You'll need Eufy's proprietary HomeBase hub for the doorbell in this deal to work - this deal is really for those who already have the HomeBase hub and want to add on a doorbell - this doorbell records to the HomeBase. Plug in original power cable. SHOP NOW Smart Floodlight with Camera. I manually entered the serial # and started the discovery process in the app and THEN held down the sync button once it was flashing and it picked right up. Item ending. Wait ten seconds. Device: On/Off Homebase2, reset, pull-out the power line and plug-in. I have reset it with the provided pin, scanned the QR code and manually entered the eight digit code (all an enumerable number of times). [solid blue (connected to the internet) to red and blue alternately flashing (being updated)]. Hello everyone today I had an Eufy homebase 2 update. I’ve tried plugging it to the Eero directly and to the Spectrum router directly. When I try to perform the setup the Homebase constantly says “please follow the instruction on the app” I connect the homebase by wire to my router and the blue light comes when I scan the QR code the light come directly to red . Today, we are going to compare the battery powered WiFi cameras from Eufy. Connected with router via LAN, my phone is working, router / wifi is working. Then last week my old Eufy Home Base e which has worked almost two years developed the exact same issue. Backup Battery If there’s a power outage or the power is cut, the Base Station operated on auxiliary power for 2 days to sustain recording and siren protection. Power on the HomeBase 2. After powering the homebase 2 on, the LED changes from a blinking red to a solid red, then I get the welcome message and directed to follow the steps in the app, then a blue blinking LED. Brand New. So I assigned the MAC a fixed IP and so far it’s working again.). The homebase is directly connected to my router and obviously got an IP. So now both bases refuse to pair. Eufy Cam 2 Pro 2K Resolurion with HomeBase (2 cameras included) The Eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery-Powered) package came with two products – Eufy Video Doorbell and Home Base 2 station and you need to download the Eufy Security App from Google PlayStore. Diese ist eine ca. A flashing red light means that it has encountered an error. Here's what happens: Plug in the original ethernet cable to my router. Meanwhile, I likely tried more than 50 times without success. MPN. Blue light flashing and does not become solid blue and cannot successfully complete the setup via the Wufy Security app. I’ve also scanned and manually entered the QR code. Make sure you click the SYNC/ALARM OFF button located on the back of HomeBase 2 when you heard the sound tip. 2. 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